About Exercise Daily Magazine

Exercise Daily Magazine also referred to as “EDM” or “EXERCISE DAILY,” is an online health and personal care platform. It delivers educational health, fitness, and nutrition articles as well as kids’ health and fitness educational curriculums and videos.

The purpose of it is to assist individuals in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and prevent health-related problems.  This website is woman-owned and operated by an enthusiastic team of experts who are excited about helping people.

Our experience does not only lay in the operation of an appealing website and social media platforms. But also in the provision of accurate information and health-related statistics obtained via thorough study. 

Our Mission

We aim to motivate people to lead better lives, and we have created a successful company in the process.


With the aim to educate people for a healthier lifestyle, our experts offer the following services to our readers:

Informational and Instructional Articles

We have a team of expert content creators and editors that produce quality content to help you understand why exercise is important to your healthier lifestyle.

We not only create exercise content, but we also educate people and kids about various aspects of their bodies.

Health and Fitness Products

At Exercise Daily, we review multiple health and fitness products to educate our readers to find the best products for themselves.

We have covered a large category of health and fitness products ranging from exercise machines to sleep, trackers.

Get Yourself, Your Products, or Your Services Featured in Magazine

Exercise Daily Magazine is a team of professionals with experience in content & press release writing, social media marketing, products/brand promotion, and marketplace optimization.

We are open to helping you share your professional services as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, Nutritionist, Dietitian, and share your story on our health & fitness magazine and social media platforms.

Body Calculators

The idea behind Exercise Daily Body Tools is to give you an idea of your health so that you can further improve your health and wellbeing.

Currently, Exercise Daily provide you 12 famous body tool which includes:

Kids Video, SoccerFit Curriculum 

Exercise Daily Magazine urges to educate people in every aspect of wellness. Considering this fact, we have developed a specialized program to educate all, especially kids using our age-appreciate SoccerFit Curriculum book as well as the short video series,