Soccer Club  

WHAT is the  SOCCER Program?


Our year-round, age appropriate indoor-outdoor curriculum focuses on, social, and soccer/football skills. While children learn to play the game, they also learn social skills like teamwork, fair play, and peaceful solutions, and good nutrition. Each weekly session is a building block in an activity-based 30-session program that encourages children to put these new skills into practice on the playing field and in their daily lives at home and in the community.


WHO teaches?

Volunteers recruited from the grassroots communities where we work – primarily youth and young adults – are trained as instructors to teach the program.


HOW do the volunteers teach?

Our volunteer instructors teach through activity-based games that empower children by helping them experience, practice and acquire new healthy habits, attitudes and social skills, while they play the game.


WHERE and WHEN do the sessions take place?

Sessions take place right on the playing field in a fun, safe environment before , during or after school and on weekends, at times that parents support and when children can most fully participate.


WHAT happens at a session?

  • Each child is actively involved in these free-or low-cost sessions, regardless of his or her initial skills.
  • Girls are encouraged to play and learn together with boys.
  • Each and every session is FUN; every time children play the game, they also learn social skills.

How does the SOCCER program lead to change for the community?

  • Children and youth enrolled in ExerciseDaily program transfer what they learn from the weekly sessions into their daily lives, homes and communities by practicing and sharing new skills with friends and family.
  • As our volunteers and youth coaches train and teach the SOCCER program, they develop the leadership skills and credentials that equip them for employment and encourage them to lead productive lives in their communities.
  • Social enterprise and local development activities initiated with SOCCER’s support and collaboration advance the long-term, socio-economic objectives that help achieve the PALA.
  • SOCCER collaborates with local, national, organizations who share our commitment to maximize scarce resources and develop grassroots initiatives that can positively impact communities.

What makes the ExerciseDaily SOCCER unique?


A YEAR-ROUND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM – Club ExerciseDaily program goes beyond the game, weaving physical and social skills into a fun, activity-based curriculum.


YOUNG CHILDREN – Club ExerciseDaily begins with young children ages 3-5-6-10 – girls and boys – to give them the earliest possible access to skills they need to lead healthy, productive lives.


VOLUNTEER YOUTH INSTRUCTORS – Club ExerciseDaily recruits and trains vulnerable youth to teach our program, helping build their skills and community leadership for the future.

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