Club ExerciseDaily age-appropriate curriculum is designed for toddlers, preschoolers and school age children. Its non-competitive, fun, safe, and motivational. Children will be introduced to many sport & fitness activities and develop motor skills as they learn to become healthy and fit at very early age.


Club ExerciseDaily! programs are six weeks long. Kids will receive a Presidential Award and certificate upon completion of each program.

Club ExerciseDaily! helps caretakers, parents, and teachers discover children’s specific talents so they can focus on the sports & fitness activities that best suit each child. A copy of the “Guide To Child’s Talent ” assessment will be awarded to anyone who completes three Exercise Daily! training programs in a calendar year.


Chapter System

The mobile trainer-let sport & fitness development project provides an ideal backdrop for a social enterprise utilizing our innovative Club ExerciseDaily self-sustaining nonprofit enterprises to promote physical fitness and social change by a chapter system: It engages small, local community-based approaches  on critical issues affecting all communities one chapter at a time, to create a chain of training programs for young children, create employment and opportunities for coaches, fitness trainers and daycare centers, community centers and schools who can offer our special curriculum as an added benefit to their programs, or as an optional activity.


Our aim is to have the Bay Area cities become among the top regions in America to provide tools, marketing and other support aimed at developing a healthy lifestyle for children by implementing a platform for other communities to follow. In order to achieve this, we begin by using our fun, non –competitive training for children at very young age starting with the cities within San Francisco, Bay Area in California!


Social Enterprise

We believe social enterprises are a key component in the development of healthy and fit communities and will increasingly contribute to our total wellness success, employment in sport and fitness industry, reducing the child obesity and improving the quality of life.


Club ExerciseDaily sport & fitness programming provides an ideal backdrop for a social enterprise utilizing our innovative Exercise Daily chapter system: It has many social benefits which can lead re-generation by engaging the small local communities one chapter at a time developing a chain of wellness programs, create employment and training opportunities for a wide range of sports and fitness activities, interests and skills.


Each chapter will cost $2900 to get started. There will be a financial assistance to entrepreneurs who cannot afford the upfront fees. Those who qualify will only have to pay the application fees  upfront and pay installments as they provide training services to the centers. The chapter owners “Local Leaders” will receive training, age-appropriate curriculum, business plan template, webpage, marketing materials, flyer templates and all the tools and support they need to start-up their own chapter for their own community.


Club ExerciseDaily is providing  opportunities to individuals encouraging them to sign up for Club ExerciseDaily chapters for their own region.


Programs are 6 weeks long at a time. The entire programs are completely free to all daycare centers, park and recreations, preschools etc.. Each ExerciseDaily session will be held at the centers. There should be a minimum of 8 kids at each session.  A minimum of two sessions will be offered for each center, at least once a week.


The programs are free to low-income families who qualify for the program… Each child will receive a presidential award and a certificate upon completion of each program.


A “Guide to Child’s Talent” assessment will be provided for those who complete at least three ExerciseDaily training programs in a calendar year by each chapters owners!

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