Lightly Used Sporting Goods  

Companies, Families and individuals are encouraged to donate their unwanted items, sporting goods at our select drop-off locations city-wide and at the same time, they can stock up on gently used sporting goods & fitness equipments and apparel. We will accept all sports equipments & accessories, sports collectables, memorabilia, all kind of balls, clubs, all kind of boards, cleats, gears, skis, jerseys, bikes, bats, hats, skates, rackets, camping gears, helmets, swimwear, toys, comic books, music instruments, artworks, motorcycles, etc..


Families in need who qualify can sign up for the Club ExerciseDaily’s “Make- A- Wish” waiting list to receive low-cost or no cost sessions, donated sporting goods, gears, accessories or equipment they need free of charge!

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