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Energize the Future of Our Children by Leadership

Healthy and fit young professionals for future generation

Club ExerciseDaily is a chapter driven nonprofit that assists individuals start-up and run their own mobile trainer-led Sport & Fitness Programming that could excel into careers by giving the tools and encouragement to young leaders become involved in one core area of reversing the childhood obesity.


Network and learn from one another by attending events, participating in online communication, and seeking out mentoring opportunities.


Become exceptional chapter leaders for your own community by setting a high level of professional leadership and or volunteering for causes you feel passionate about. If you’re as excited as we are about furthering this mission, you’ve already accomplished the first step to starting an ExerciseDaily chapter!

Why should you join CLub ExerciseDaily?

Club ExerciseDaily is responding to the challenges of child obesity. We want to establish fun ways for chapter leaders to network with other leaders on a platform with other professionals from around the country, build a referral network, and learn about new and free resources from the other chapters.


Stay abreast of industry happenings:

Through an information-packed Web site, and networking events, members, area chapter leaders stay in the loop on hot issues facing the wellness and fitness industry.

Have your own sounding board:

Club ExerciseDaily professionals have unique challenges in the childhood fitness training industry and they also face challenges shared by all practitioners. By belonging to a network of peers who face similar issues, they can bounce ideas off of one another and provide support to each other.

Get involved:

Many people who are new to the industry want to get involved with their local, state, or national agencies and other nonprofits, but they either don’t know how to go about it or they find it too intimidating. Club ExerciseDaily encourages them to explore leadership opportunities across the board. Sign up for an ExerciseDaily Chapter Membership today:

Key Chapter Membership Benefits:

• Age Appropriate Curriculum.

• Nonprofit Business Plan Template

• Financial Plan Template

• Powerpoint Presentation Template

• Flyer template

• Logo and Marketing Materials

• Area Leader Web page on ExerciseDaily web site

• Press Release Template

• Your Press Release on ExerciseDaily News site


Tap new ideas and fresh perspectives:

Parents are too busy, preoccupied and the kids are getting obese. Club ExerciseDaily’s innovative trainer-led early childhood sport & fitness programming brings the training sessions to the centers and train children to become leaders and advocate for  the next generation and help younger children to reverse the child obesity epidemics, offer unique perspectives to meet the challenges and changing demand in all communities.


History of Club ExerciseDaily

Important Milestones


Online home was created:

In October 2004, ExerciseDaily Magazine was created and the website was launched as a way to share articles, news releases, resources, and links geared to the younger audience provided them with scientific information on total wellness. ExerciseDaily Magazine was created based on the love of promoting physical activity and providing specialized scientific news and information on total wellness to the public at large.


An idea was born:

ExerciseDaily Magazine sought to build on the momentum of its popular news site. With so many young children aware becoming more obese, “1 out of 3 children”, the magazine wanted to design a platform to help the new generation feel a closer tie to their own communities, and to help train leaders and healthier next generation.

Our second attempt:

During the 2010 year from San Francisco, Bay area. We contacted local and national government agencies and national organizations and inquired for engaging strategic partnership to inspire wider audience and encourage even more people get involve with the challenge and successfully entered into several strategic partnership and actively solicit for even more community involvements.


Events will take off soon:

Club ExerciseDaily will be hosting its first annual event soon and will announce the specific date and place of the event:


Club ExerciseDaily advisory board assembled:

A team of 3 successful ExerciseDaily members comprise the first ExerciseDaily advisory board formed in January 2011 for the new sister project, “Club ExerciseDaily”.

The board meets semiannually, and also communicates via e-mail and conference call. The board recommends Club ExerciseDaily educational sessions, provides insights to CLub ExerciseDaily leadership when requested, and offers overall direction for Club ExerciseDaily activities.


Awards & recognition:

In Fall  2012, Club ExerciseDaily will announce its 1st Fame Award for its best national chapter leadership.


Chapters are formed:

By Summer 2011, Club ExerciseDaily, will announce the leadership assignment for specific areas to select individuals whom were granted the chapter opportunities and will begin to expand its network with local and state partnership.


First Steps: Starting Your CLub ExerciseDaily Chapter


1. See what region you are interested:

Make sure an ExerciseDaily chapter has not already taken and still exist for your community. Check the CLub ExerciseDaily National Chapter List:

If there isn’t a chapter already assigned for your area, then simply apply for becoming the region leader.


2. Fill out an on-line form:

CLub ExerciseDaily is a lot faster in responding back if were contacted formally using the inquiry from so please complete the form entirely and someone will contact your promptly:


3. Talk to attendees:

Ask people if they want to from a local CLub ExerciseDaily chapter and if they’re interested in getting involved. It takes more than one or two people to form a thriving ExerciseDaily chapter. Get a core group excited about the idea so you can count on them to plan and spread the word.


4. Build your base:

Once you have 3 active members, you’re on your way to becoming a chapter. Get recognized by CLub ExerciseDaily chapter by sending us such information as your city or state; the main contact person for your group; number of members to date; details about your first event or group activities scheduled.


5. Boost the group’s recognition with a logo.

CLub ExerciseDaily provides a logo that all chapters can freely use.


6. Plot out your goals, plan for future.

Use the CLub ExerciseDaily nonprofit business plan and financial model to plan to run an organized chapter.


Guidelines for Chapters:

1. Connect to a local city organizations.

Your chapter should partner with local youth commissioners. You may opt to have your CLub ExerciseDaily chapter cover a region, in which several local individuals and nonprofits band together to form one chapter in your area.

2. Professionalism.

As a network of professional leaders that are members of the Club ExerciseDaily organization, it’s important to set high standards for your chapter’s plan and activities.


3.  Membership Fees.

CLub ExerciseDaily does not charge members to join, But there are fees involving a forming an Club ExerciseDaily chapter. The costs varies depending on the geographic location.

4. Age Restrictions.

There are no age restrictions now. Any individual who thinks he or she would benefit from membership and has confidence to successfully run a chapter is welcome to join. There maybe some restrictions be enforced.


5. Use of the Club ExerciseDaily logo:

By using the official ExerciseDaily logo, you will benefit from the brand recognition that Club ExerciseDaily national has already created.


6. Cross-promotion of Club ExerciseDaily:

Club ExerciseDaily national will gladly promote your local or state chapter events on its web site.


7. Be Active.

Club ExerciseDaily Chapters should hold events on a regular basis, whether it’s semiannually, monthly, or even weekly. We recommend that you plan at least two events a year (such as a networking event, meetings, education sessions, Webinars, etc.)


8. Maintain membership of 3 or above.

To form a CLub ExerciseDaily chapter, we ask that you have at least 3 members. By sustaining at least 3 members, we believe you’ll have enough people to work at spreading the word about your group and helping it to grow.


9. Apply to the Chapter of the Year award.

Get recognized for your chapter’s efforts in connecting everyone getting them more involved within the industry. All CLub ExerciseDaily chapters will be eligible to apply to this award.


10. Further the Club ExerciseDaily mission.

Your Club ExerciseDaily chapter should aim to further the mission of Club ExerciseDaily national, engaging members through their association, with peers, and in their communities.


Don’t have the money to start up a chapter?

Getting a sponsor can be a great way to connect your network with companies that offer products and services, while also covering the costs of your chapter.


1. What do you want from the sponsor?

Sponsorship can come in different forms: financial, services, promotional, equipment, venue, prizes, etc. Consider what you want for your event and take into the account the value of each.


2. Determine the benefits of sponsorship:

What will sponsors get for their money?

For example, you can give them a table at the networking event, allow them to speak briefly to the group, acknowledge them in all promotional pieces, provide a link to their Web site from your site, or allow product demonstrations at the event. Develop a sponsorship plan that details what you will be providing sponsors for their contributions. In that form, include a description of the event, projections of attendees, goals of the event, benefits of sponsorship, and pricing levels.


3. Brainstorm potential sponsors:

Identify companies that have an interest in reaching your audience. Come up with a list of possible sponsors to target. Investigate these company’s web sites so you’ll be familiar enough with the company or organization when you talk to them and will be able to talk directly about the benefits to them for sponsorship.


4. Reach out to sponsors:

Call the companies on your list to talk about the sponsorship opportunity. Use your networks to reach out when you can. Provide details about the event and the audience, and follow up a few days later to see if they have any questions. Provide a deadline of when you need a response.

5. Have an agreement in writing:

If they agree to sponsorship, document all the terms and benefits in a letter. Then, have the party sign it and keep it in your files. This way they know what they’re getting for their sponsorship money and you have a written agreement to what you will be providing in return.


6. Designate a point-person:

Give the sponsor a single person to contact to avoid confusion, and vice-versa; ask for the main contact on their side.


7. Acknowledge the sponsor:

Be sure to give your sponsors visible recognition for their contribution and make sure your members are aware of them. Include a logo, link to sponsor’s Web site, or company’s name in promotions of your event.


8. Apply for financial assistance “if” available at the time to help you cover some of the fees and costs associated with the Club ExerciseDaily chapter membership sign-up programs.

What is the next step? What steps do I need to take?

The first step is to Register your chapter.

What types of activities are suggested for a new chapter?

Start off with simple activities for the first month. An Open House to announce your new chapter are a great beginning.


How much of a time commitment is required to start a chapter?

To get the chapter started, you will need to dedicate some time, recruit volunteers and do some networking.

How much money is required to start a chapter?

The average cost are estimated around $2950.


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