History of Club ExerciseDaily


Online home was created:

In October 2004, ExerciseDaily Magazine was created and the website was launched as a way to share articles, news releases, resources, and links geared to the younger audience provided them with scientific information on total wellness. ExerciseDaily Magazine was created based on the love of promoting physical activity and providing specialized scientific news and information on total wellness to the public at large.


An idea was born:

ExerciseDaily Magazine sought to build on the momentum of its popular news site. With so many young children aware becoming more obese, “1 out of 3 children”, the magazine wanted to design a platform to help the new generation feel a closer tie to their own communities, and to help train leaders and healthier next generation.


Our second attempt:

During the 2010 year from San Francisco, Bay area. We contacted local and national government agencies and national organizations and inquired for engaging strategic partnership to inspire wider audience and encourage even more people get involve with the challenge and successfully entered into several strategic partnership and actively solicit for even more community involvements.

Club ExerciseDaily was officially registered on September, 22 , 2011 under the 501 (c) (3) IRS code as a Nonprofit Public Benefit in the State of California. The separate entity aims to provide excellent service in its  trainer-led sport & fitness development project:

We provide opportunities and training programs to select qualified individuals, community leaders, fitness trainers, nonprofit agencies, park & recreations, community organizations to apply to adapt a chapter for their own region.


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