Building muscle doesn’t require lifting heavy weights, study shows

ExerciseDaily – Current gym dogma holds that to build muscle size you need to lift heavy weights. However, a new study conducted at McMaster University has shown that a similar degree of muscle building can be achieved by using lighter … Continue reading

Taking the pain out of office work

Office work will become much less of a pain in the neck if Julie Côté has her way. That`s because this kinesiology researcher who teaches at McGill University is interested in finding ways to reduce or even prevent the kinds … Continue reading

Why don’t men live as long as women?

  ExerciseDaily – According to a new study led by University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology researchers, significant differences in life expectancies between the sexes first emerged as recently as the turn of the 20th century. As … Continue reading

Review indicates where cardio benefits of exercise may lie

ExerciseDaily – Everyone knows that exercise generally helps the cardiovascular system, but much remains unknown about how the benefits arise, and what to expect in different people who exercise to improve their health. To gain a more precise understanding of … Continue reading

Space Exercise… Working out in artificial gravity

ExerciseDaily – Astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) have a number of exercise options, including a mechanical bicycle bolted to the floor, a weightlifting machine strapped to the wall, and a strap-down treadmill. They spend a significant portion of … Continue reading

Athletes should drink only when thirsty, according to new guidelines

ExerciseDaily – At least 14 deaths of marathon runners, football players and other athletes have been attributed to a condition called exercise-associated hyponatremia, which results from drinking too much water or sports drinks. But there’s an easy way to prevent … Continue reading

Make no bones about it: The female athlete triad can lead to problems with bone health

ExerciseDaily – Participation in sports by women and girls has increased from 310,000 individuals in 1971 to 3.37 million in 2010. At the same time, sports-related injuries among female athletes have skyrocketed. According to a new study in the Journal … Continue reading

Extracurricular sports produce disciplined preteens

ExerciseDaily – Regular, structured extracurricular sports seem to help kids develop the discipline they need in order to engage effectively in the classroom, according to a new study led by Linda Pagani of the University of Montreal and its affiliated … Continue reading

Feeling impulsive or frustrated? Take a nap

ExerciseDaily – Taking a nap may be an effective strategy to counteract impulsive behavior and to boost tolerance for frustration, according to a University of Michigan study. It’s becoming increasingly common for people, especially adults, to not sleep an entire … Continue reading

His and her pain circuitry in the spinal cord

ExerciseDaily – New research released today in Nature Neuroscience reveals for the first time that pain is processed in male and female mice using different cells. These findings have far-reaching implications for our basic understanding of pain, how we develop … Continue reading

‘Performance enhancing’ drugs decrease performance

ExerciseDaily! – Doping is damaging the image of sport without benefitting athletes’ results, according to University of Adelaide research. Researchers from the University’s School of Medical Sciences collated sporting records (including Olympic and world records) of male and female athletes … Continue reading

Stress in low-income families can affect children’s learning

ExerciseDaily – Children living in low-income households who endure family instability and emotionally distant caregivers are at risk of having impaired cognitive abilities according to new research from the University of Rochester. The study of 201 low-income mother-child pairs, conducted … Continue reading

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