Club ExerciseDaily is a registered as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation in the state of California. Club ExerciseDaily has partnered up with President’s Challenge programs to inspire children take million PALA challenge and achieve the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award one chapter, one city, one zip code at-a-time!


Our weekly sessions will take place on site at many centers starting with cities within San Francisco, Bay Area and beyond. We help children develop a lifelong habit of physical fitness and daily exercise activities and, most importantly, this project is a nonprofit social-enterprise. This project is still under development.


Club ExerciseDaily soon will be accepting applications for Chapter leadership. If you are interested to sign-up, Please complete an on-line Application and we will contact you shortly!



Club ExerciseDaily Chapter leaders receive the tools containing the age appropriate curriculum, business plan templates, financial models, marketing materials and a webpage that empowers them to create low cost, volunteer-driven programs within their own communities. Club ExerciseDaily provides supportive organization and basic resources, while each chapter mobilizes local partnerships to become self-sustaining.



To ensure quality and consistency, each chapter organization replicates our core year-round educational program.Network chapter organizations are all required to demonstrate standards of financial accountability and program quality. By meeting our standards for Network affiliation, chapter programs use our sport-based program, our name and logo, and participate in the local or regional training workshops.



Club ExerciseDaily network of independently-run national chapters uses our common, replicable program to encourage community-led change.




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